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      Members of the Judicial System,
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      Media and News Professionals,
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      and Other Professionals who work with Alcoholics.

You may or may not be familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as A.A.  It is probable you have contact with people who could benefit from A.A.  Those of us in A.A. would like to offer our hand through you to people who may have a drinking problem.  With your help perhaps we can get some of our information to them.

At meetings A.A. members share their personal recovery experience with others.  The A.A. program of recovery as set forth in the Twelve Steps and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, offers the alcoholic an opportunity to develop a useful and satisfying way of life free from alcohol.

A.A. does not offer medical or psychiatric advice or make diagnoses or prognoses.  A.A. does not provide drying out or nursing services, hospitalization, drugs, housing, jobs, money, or other welfare services.  A.A. does not accept any money for services or contributions from outside sources.  A.A. does not provide letters of reference to parole boards, courts, government offices or employers, although individual members are free to do as they wish.  A.A. does not fund outside education, research or treatment facilities.

Part of our recovery is sharing our experience, strength and hope in order that we may solve our common problem.  Our continued sobriety in large part depends upon helping others to recover from this fatal condition. 

Should you have questions about A.A. that you might like to ask a recovering alcoholic, we would be happy to supply an A.A. contact to meet with you and answer your questions personally.  We are also be available to introduce those interested in recovering from alcoholism to our fellowship.  Please, contact us by email at: info@aa-sil18.org

Additional information is also available by mail at:
                                                                  General Service Office
P.O. Box 459 Grand Central Station
New York, New York 10163

Or visit the GSO website at:  http://www.aa.org/
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